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Christopher Williams
Licensed electrician
Photovoltaic installer
Electrical inspector

Christopher a third generation electrician is one of the few Photovoltaic Technicians in the far South Suburbs and the Chicago land area. Trained by his father at an early age, Christopher and his brothers helped establish a successful family owned Electrical Contractor Business in the 1990‘s. He apprenticed with his father and uncle’s throughout his teenage years learning priceless lessons. This experience led him to work on bigger projects and developments during the housing and commercial boom of the late 1990’s. Christopher worked as the lead electrician on several projects. In the early part of the Millennium he began retrofitting Chicago Public Schools and preparing the schools for high technology and the internet age.

In the year 2000 Christopher branched out on his own obtained his Electrical Licensed and started his own Electrical business, Millennium Electric. Today his business is still thriving and doing well, his loyal and new customers can attest to his commitment and good work ethic.

For the past four years he’s been working in the Renewable Energy Field. After receiving extensive hands on training at one of the countries premiere institutes, the Midwest Renewable Energy Educational Institute in Wisconsin, he has received numerous certifications in the field of Photovoltaic Installation, Wind & Solar Thermal. He also installs Solar Panels and Generators throughout the area.

During this time he noticed a sincere interest by many of his customers and young adults who wanted to learn more about the field of renewable energy. Eager to share information, he founded the South Suburban Renewable Energy Association (SSREA) a not for profit association in 2009. He provides educational classes on Photovoltaic.

A Complete Guide For Using Solar Energy & Renewable Energy For The Home
If you are interested in solar energy & renewable energy for the home, you are likely thinking about installing solar energy equipment in your home. In order to have this type of equipment properly installed, you might want to consider having an electrician or an electrical contractor complete the installation process for you. By having one of these professionals install your equipment for you, you can be confident that your entire system is safe for your whole family to be around.
You can also utilize the services of a Park Forest electrician if your equipment ever needs a service upgrade or new and additional features installed too. Once you have a solar cell supplying energy to your home, you will likely see decreased energy costs practically immediately. Many homes that rely on solar panel products for their energy are not even connected to the central power grid in their areas too.
If you do have one of these systems installed, you will likely own one of the most green homes in your neighborhood. While solar panel products are becoming increasingly popular around the world, very few people have actually taken the steps and made the investments that are necessary in order to make progress in the direction of improving the environment.
Once you invest some capital into a system that will ultimately save you tons of money, you will certainly be paying less towards your heating bill each year. You can also purchase an efficient heating system from a heating company to improve the efficiency of your current heating unit too. By doing this, you can decrease the energy demands your heating components place on your solar panel system.
While you utilize the services of a heating company, you can also purchase HVAC services to improve the efficiency and safety of your heating and air condition systems within your home. An AC contractor can provide you with the most up to date air conditioning products and they can also ensure that all of your current systems are functioning properly as well.
Heating and air conditioning features within homes are often some of the most important features in homes today. By keeping all of your air conditioning and heating units in proper working order, you can be certain that your systems are operating efficiently and in a manner that will not jeopardize the health of your family at any point in the future.
If you are building a brand new structure, all of these factors should be addressed before you construct anything through the expertise and knowledge of a general contractor. A general contractor can provide you with the experience you need to have more advanced environmentally friendly components installed around your house too, like a wind generator. By installing a generator of electricity in your home that takes advantage of photovoltaic technology, you can take advantage of the benefits of solar energy & renewable energy for the home for many years to come.

A Complete Guide To Solar Energy & Renewable Energy For The Home
Homeowners who are currently interested in joining the growing trend to make homes green should definitely look into solar energy & renewable energy for the home. Solar energy products can be quickly installed by experienced and skilled electrician professionals who know how to setup this type of equipment in a safe and secure manner. Once an electrical contractor has finished installing the equipment you would like to use to decrease the size of your electricity bill, you will be able to benefit from the advantages of solar energy immediately.
Many people worry about their systems breaking down at some point in the future. There is no need to worry though, because you can simply hire a Park Forest electrician to come to your home and fix your system if a problem ever arises at any point in the future. Once you have your solar panel and solar cell products installed, you will have instantly decreased the size of your electricity bills and you will be creating a smaller carbon footprint as you go about your daily routine day after day as well.
People who take the time and capital to invest into these products are truly leading the green movement too. By investing in these products, you will likely be making your home one of the greenest homes in your neighborhood.
Many people invest into these products, because they actually save homeowners money over their entire life spans. By purchasing these products, you can decrease the cost of your heating bill and you can power the efficient heating units your heating company installed for you in a clean manner.
In order to improve the efficiency and the environmentally friendly nature of your home even further, you may want to think about even hiring the services of an HVAC company to have your entire home properly inspected. These services can properly install any heating or air conditioning component and they can make sure your entire home is operating efficiently and in a safe manner.
Almost all of these factors affecting homes today are addressed when new structures are built too. If you are constructing a new structure, you should certainly rely on the knowledge and experience of a general contractor.
One of these professionals will know which services you need to secure your property and they will be able to make recommendations as to how you can install advanced green features like a wind generator and other energy generator products around your home. By creating a home that utilizes all of these services and products, you will certainly be benefitting from the advantages of solar energy & renewable energy for the home.

A Complete Guide To Using Solar Energy & Renewable Energy For The Home
Solar energy & renewable energy for the home is becoming a very popular topic around the world. It has come to be understood that the sustainability of the lifestyle the human race has come to enjoy is hardly sustainable at all. Now that everyone on the planet has come to understand the harsh reality of our situation, many people are taking steps to reduce the size of the carbon footprints they create throughout their lives. You too can immediately reduce the size of the carbon footprint you are creating by having an electrical contractor or even an electrician install solar panel technologies around your home today.
If you are concerned about the maintenance of a complex and costly system, you should be aware of the fact that most solar panel systems have 20 year warranties and they can be easily repaired by a Park Forest electrician too. Solar cell products are incredibly powerful and they can provide electricity for an entire home. For this reason, once you have one of these products installed in your home, you will likely no longer have a need to be connected to the central power grid in your area, unless you want to sell energy to the power companies in your area.
Many people are installing photovoltaic products around their homes today to make their homes green. As soon as you have PV products installed in your home, your electricity bill will decrease and the size of the carbon footprint your family is creating will be instantly reduced. Your home will likely also become a green home too, perhaps even the greenest home in your neighborhood.
One of the primary benefits of having one of these systems installed in your home is the increased savings you will gain access to. Once you rely on a solar panel product for your energy requirements, your heating and air conditioning bill will be instantly decreased. You can even have an AC contractor and an HVAC company come to your home to ensure that all of your systems are operating as efficiently as possible and as safely as possible too.
There are a variety of reasons why you should keep all of your heating and air conditioning units working properly. By keeping these systems working properly, you can decrease the demands they place on your solar energy system and you can also increase the safety of your entire home.
Even if you are planning on building a brand new structure, you should still consult with a general contractor about having these special features incorporated around your home. While you consult with one of these professionals, you can also play with the idea of having more advanced features, like a wind generator or some other generator product, installed around your home.
Once you take advantage of many of these products, you will have an incredibly energy efficient home overall. Solar energy & renewable energy for the home is truly the wave of the future.

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