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solar electric, solar thermal, HVAC, and minor plumbing to provide you with more options
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A properly functioning furnace in your home is essential - especially here in Matteson, Illinois we know how important it is to keep your family safe and warm. There are a handful of options to choose from when selecting the right furnace for your home and budget in Matteson. Millennium Heating and cooling carries only top brand manufacturers. We are dedicated to keeping you educated on what it takes to ensure your furnace runs properly for its life span of 18-20 years. Matteson Heating and Cooling can provide you with every service you will need to make sure your furnace is operating perfectly. From safety inspections to tune ups, we can even remind you when your furnace is due for a filter change! Your furnace can be dangerous if not keep cleaned and service for a number of reasons, including carbon monoxide poisoning which can result in deadly consequences. Since it’s such a complicated machine with numerous moving parts, your Matteson furnace should be checked regularly in order to ensure it’s working properly.
Millennium Solar Electric offers expert electrical, heating, air condition, ventilation, minor plumbing repair.

Serving the Chicago area for over 13 years, Millennium Solar Electric brings a lifetime of experience in the perfection of our craft. We are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality energy efficient electrical, heating and air conditioning systems available.
Matteson A/C & Heating System Preventive Maintenance
It only takes two visits a year from your local
Matteson technician to help keep your system running at its best and save you energy. Allow Millennium Heating and Cooling to provide you with our 10-point checks that will make sure your unit is ready to tackle any harsh temperatures. We are license electrician and heating and air condition contractor to provide you with complete assessment.

-10-Point Central Air System Check

  • Check overall operation of the air conditioner or heat pump
  • Check condenser coils and clean if appropriate
  • Check air filter
  • Check evaporator for adequate air flow
  • Lubricate air handler blower motor
  • Lubricate condenser fan motor
  • Check and clean condensate drain lines
  • Check cooling performance
  • Check condensate pump operation
  • Check for loose parts or unusual vibration

-10-Point Central Heating System Check

  • Check entire furnace for loose or worn parts, abnormal vibrations and proper venting
  • Check the heat exchanger, if accessible
  • Check electrical circuit to furnace including thermostat and thermostat wiring
  • Check gas valve operation and adjust gas pressure if needed
  • Check, clean and adjust pilot burner as needed
  • Check air filter
  • Check ignition system
  • Check and lubricate blower motor
  • Check electrical/safety circuits for proper operation
  • Operate furnace and adjust for peak operating efficiency

Why you need to have your Matteson Furnace Inspected Twice a Year
If your
Matteson furnace doesn’t receive proper attention and repair, serious problems could arise, and overtime your Matteson furnace may stop running efficiently or just completely stop working. This could add up to several hundred or even thousands of dollars in costly repairs and replacements.
Why You Need to Call a Professional
For the safety of you and your loved ones, experts highly recommend that your
Matteson furnace be inspected twice a year by a qualified Matteson technician. The best time of year to do this is just before the winter season begins and just after spring. The benefits of hiring Millennium heating and cooling are many:

  • Have all necessary adjustments and cleanings made to remove rust and mineral buildup which prevent your furnace from working to its full capacity.
  • You can quickly replace parts that are worn out without causing further damage to your furnace.
  • Check on ventilation and ensure that there is no build up of dangerous amounts of carbon monoxide.

Yearly Matteson Furnace Inspections Are Cheap
The cost of a yearly inspection is pretty cheap compared to the cost of repairs as a result of neglect, or an entire
Matteson furnace replacement which can be pricy if you want to buy a newer model. Plus our HVAC professional can check your chimney and flue for any hazardous degree and ensure there are no leaks, cracks or other damage to your fire box all at once!

Here are some common questions you might have when it comes to furnaces:

  • 80% or 90% Efficient EER (Energy Efficiency Rating) of Furnace?
  • Single stage furnace, two stage furnace, or self modulating type furnace?
  • Variable speed blower or standard blower?
  • Is sound and issue? Insulated cabinet or standard?
  • Should you consider supplemental heat?
  • What are other people buying in Park Forest, IL?
  • When can I see a return on my investment?
  • What should my system cost?
Millennium Heating and Cooling offers friendly emergency service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Matteson History
Our root is planted deep in
Matteson, Millennium Heating and Cooling has been installing and repairing Furnace and Air Conditions in the Matteson area for over 10 years. We have professionals dedicated to providing quick residential replacement solutions for all your HVAC needs at affordable prices. Matteson, Illinois is a wonderful city that is a suburb of Chicago located in both Cook county and Will county. With a total population of 19,009 and 3,553 families residing in the village, Matteson is a city that is on the move. Situated just south of Chicago, Matteson is in an ideal location to support the 3,553 households residing there.
Matteson has roots well into the eighteenth century in the mid 1800s, Matteson pioneers certainly could not imagine that this settlement would one day be home to nearly 13,000 residents, three school districts as well as private and parochial schools, and a booming major retail and office center. In 1848, Fredrick Illgen purchased 40 acres from the government. These 40 acres are now the southern section of Matteson. The village was named after the 10th Governor of Illinois Joel A. Matteson, who was in office at the time of the settlement. German settlers were among the first to arrive to the area situated at the intersection of the Illinois Central and New York Central railroads. The railroads would bring thousands of people yearly from the East Coast to the Midwest, stopping in the Chicago Southland communities along the way. Some of these people decided to remain in the Matteson (pronounced Mat-te-son) area rather than proceed to Chicago.
In 1855, Charles Ohlendorf earned the honor of being the first homeowner, the first merchant and the first postmaster. In 1856, John Fox built a home and wagon shop about the same time that John Steichelman built and opened the first village hotel. Because of the amount of activity in
Matteson there is a great need for expert heating system repair in the winter and summer months. Anytime a Matteson homeowner needs assistance with their heating system repair they call Millennium Heating & Cooling at (708) 254-8704 .We isn’t just the best heating system repair service in Matteson, but also the best in all of Chicago land. You can see Millennium Heating & Cooling heating contractors all throughout Matteson. For over a decade we have been aiding Matteson homeowners with their heating system repairs. Millennium Heating & Cooling really understands the problems faced by Matteson heating systems and we know what needs to be done to fix them. If you need an HVAC service company In Matteson, chances are you are going to call Millennium Heating & Cooling.

If service is what you need, Millennium Heating and Cooling offers friendly emergency service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Employing a meticulous and comprehensive approach to all HVAC services, we will repair your system and ensure that it is running
safely and at peak efficiency.

We are an authorized dealer of Guardian Generators. Please call for more info - 708-254-8704

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